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    Recreational center "Romantika" offers you its hospitality.

    Various possibilities for accommodation (for families, couples, bigger and smaller companies),

    superb cuisine, beautiful view to the "Dospat" dam and its beautiful shores, green meadows for children to play,

    possibilities for active recreation, hunting and fishing -

    your cheerful, adventurous vacation among the nature starts with a reservation at us. 

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Our restaurant is a spacious, surrounded by greenery. In whichever direction our guests look, in front of their eyes are revealed wonderful views. The indoor hall with fireplace offers 100 seats.
The swimming and the relaxing in the pool always act relaxingly. Especially after a walk or hard workout in the gym.
The newest activity, which Hotel Romantika offers is а tour of Dospat Dam by a small ship-catamaran, which goes mainly from Romantika to Dospat and back to Romantika.
Romantika Complex has its own train for funny walks as an additional attraction.
Part from the garden of the complex "Romantika" is near the restaurant. On the green areas are located tucked away tables, suitable for couples and small companies, which quickly can turn into a large table for noisy and cheerful company, celebrating a birthday for example.
If you are looking for some extreme activities while on a holiday, we offer you to rent a jeep with a guide and have a ride to the top of the mountain as high as 1300 m.
Complex "Romantika" is located on the shore of "Dospat" dam. The lovers of fishing take full advantage of this and often stay at us.
Romantika Bar opened July 2016. It has a capacity of 60 people, who can confortably sit on couches or chairs and enjoy spectacular views of the mountain, the dam or the swimming pool.
Complex "Romantika" is created with thought and love to the children. We have taken care to have a lot of facilities and entertainments for the kids of all ages.
The maisonette definitely corresponds to its name - the couples in love will appreciate its delicate, romantic atmosphere
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