Complex "Romantika" consists of a hotel area, several houses and bungalows. 2 houses on 3 floors 1 house on 2 floors 2 houses on 1 floor 6 family villas on 2 floors, each floor with a separate entrance 7 bungalows
Complex "Romantika" is located in the town of Sarnitsa, "Orlino" locality. One of the easiest routes, on which you can get to us, is: Pazardzhik - Varvara - Velingrad (you do not drive on a ring road, but through the city) - Sarnitsa

Recreational center "Romantika" welcomes as its guest everyone, who loves the mountains, walks in the forest, hunting, and fishing. The complex offers a hotel area, bungalows, family villas and one-, two- or three-story houses. The team that takes care of the guests is smiling, friendly, and is thoughtful towards every request of the holidaymakers. 
For us it is important to welcome you as dear friends and to share our love for the nature and the striving to achieve harmony with it.